Creating value for our customers


Customer Centric

Customer is the quintessence of Handyware Engineering business. We build upon a mentality of creating value for our customers by building machines that address resolve customer requirements and issues.

Handyware looks forward to working with you.



Handyware Engineering is experienced in producing highly customized machinery solution to meet the specific needs of our customers. From fryers, extruders to coating machines, we design our solutions base on sound calculations and years of hands-on ground production experience. 


1st in China to

produce large

capacity auto

 Ccoating Mmachine

for peanuts


17 years of machine

production experience 


More than 50% of

our engineers have

more than 10 years

of engineering



We have customers

from more than 30

countries around 

the world

Continuous Improvement & Innovation 

Annual Patent Submission

At the end of each financial year, Handyware Engineering will make plans for coming year research and development. In FY2020, we aim to focus on auto coating machine improvements, coated peanuts processing and vacuum frying. Every year, Handyware Engineering re-invests heavily its profit back to R&D, striving continuously for improvement and innovation, creating new value for our customers.

Dedication for continuous improvement

Most of our engineers have more than 10 years of engineering experience

More than 50% of our team of engineers have more than 10 years of engineering experience. We have a team of engineers dedicated to existing product improvement and new product development. The effort of this team of  engineers have created numerous patents over the years, creating value for our customers.  We faithfully believe that the best way to develop our company is to first develop our people, then our product and with good product quality, ensure satisfaction  for our customers.


Our success stories

Case Study 1: IFAD / Bangladesh

Handyware Engineering helped IFAD to produce three sets of fried snack chips processing lines with an impressive total capacity of 2 tonne per hour. With that, IFAD possesses one of the biggest snack chips production plant in Bangladesh.  The processing lines produce IFAD's best seller chips such as pillow, wave and stick shaped chips.

Case Study 2: AIB Foods / UK

AIB Foods produces top quality nuts product. Handyware Engineering is tasked to design a versatile multipurpose frying system that can fry green peas, dal, chickpeas and coated peanuts. Not disappointing, Handyware Engineering designed and built an effective multipurpose frying system with a capacity of 400-500kg/h, capable of frying all product required by AIB Foods.

Case Study 3: Haldiram's / India

Haldiram's is a household brand name and possibly the biggest snack company in India. In 2019, Handyware Engineering delivered an automatic peanuts coating solution (500kg/h line) to Haldiram's, giving them the opportunity to free up labour on peanuts coating. Before the solution was delivered, Haldiram's coating process was largely manual.

Case Study 4: Pan Pan / China

The potato flakes/granules based snack product is hugely popular in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Handyware Engineering utillizes the PR series hydraulic extruder to produce a solution for Pan Pan, one of the biggest snack companies in China. The processing line achieves an impressive 400kg/h capacity.  

Case Study 5: YinJinQian / China

YinJinQian is one of the biggest canned fish manufacturers in China. Before engaging Handyware solution, the frying process is batched and labourous. We designed and built a continuous frying system for them. The YinJin Quan project was such a big success that all three top canned fish companies (namely YinJinQian, GanZu and ChuPang) in China are now using our contnuous fish fryer. 

Case Study 6: Mersana / Iran

In 2016, Mersana adopted our auto coating solution to coat their hugely popular coated peanuts product line. It is also Handyware Engineering's first breakthrough into the Iranian market. Several years has gone and Mersana remains very happy with the quaity of our machines. 


Looking forward to hear from you!

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