The dedicated team...

We are sharing the profiles of some of our team members, allowing you the opportunity to know the faces behind those solutions and services that we have been providing to you...

  • Roy Chong

    General Manager

    Roy's industrial experience in the engineering field varies across domains. In the earlier years of his career, Roy worked as a software engineer for the Singapore defence company ST Engineering, participating in mission critical projects. He then moved on to project management, participating in several large scale projects in the defence and electronics sectors. Roy spent 4 years in Panasonic before moving to Handyware Engineering in 2015. With more than 20 years of engineering experience. Roy is committed to lead the team to engineering excellency in the food machinery industry, continuously creating new value to our customers.  Roy is a Chinese Singaporean, previously served as an army officer holding the rank of a captain for his country. Roy remains a captain, but instead of being a captain in the army, he is now captain of the Handyware Engineering ship....  

  • Caroline Shi

    Assistant General Manager

    Caroline has been in the company for more than 10 years. Started off as an executive, she has developed into a senior staff showing great leadership and organizational ability. Caroline is responsible for the daily operation of the company. 

  • Huang Xian Ming

    Chef Engineer

    Another member of the company that has been with Handyware Engineering for more than 10 years. Reliable, responsible and blessed with strong analytical ability, Huang helps to run the factory operations. Huang is also an important member of the R&D team.

    Huang is a proud contributor of several of the company's patents.   

  • Lu ShaoRu


    Ru has been with the company since 2003, making her the longest serving member of Handyware Engineering. Her work requires careful management of company cashflow planning, and handling of suppliers. Ru is hugely dependable and meticulous. Handyware Engineering is proud to have such a dedicated long serving member.    

  • Huang ChunYan


    Yan has been with the ocompany for more than 15 years. Together with Ru, we are proud to imtroduce them as the longest serving members of Handyware Engineering. Yan is the main financial controller of the company,  working closely with GM to monitor  financial status.   

  • Francis Fan

    Senior Electrician

    Francis is our longest serving electrician, being with Handyware Engineering for more than 10 years. Francis is responsible for all electrical design of Handyware Enginering machines, leading the electrical team and work closely with the chef engineer to achieve delivery. He holds a bacholar degree.

    "The Connector" not only connect wires, his jovious character has made him hugely popular among colleagues, making him the "People Connector" as well!

  • Tracy Cui

    Sales Manager

    Tracy worked as a sales manager in Sharjah for 4 years and then moved to Dubai as a business development executive for 2 years.
    Tracy has more than 6 years of sales experience before join in Handyware Engineering.

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