Oil Immersed Fryer And Multipurpose Fryer

The Handyware Engineering Continuous frying systems include oil-immersed fryer(Pellet Fryer)and Multipurpose fryer.


Oil-immersed fryer(Pellet fryer) is suitable for frying puffed chips or pellets, typically with raw material such as potato, wheat or corn based powder. It may fry a wide range of shapes, including 3-dimenion ones.

Multipurpose fryer is a versatile continuous frying system suitable for frying a wide range of products such as peanuts, green peas, coated peanuts and other products with high amount of fines. It is designed to maximize fines removal from frying oil, resulting in high quality final product.


The inner design of oil immersed fryer


The processing line of oil-immersed frying system



The fried shapes of oil-immersed fryer


The inner design of Multipurpose fryer


The fried products of Multipurpose Fryer



The reasons of coated peanuts, corn chips and pellet chips cannot share fryer

1.Coated peanuts require a much longer frying time compared to pellets. Coated peanuts frying time is 5-6 mins while pellets are typically 10-12 sec. Hence coated peanuts fryer is typically much longer than pellets fryer.

2. The thermal transfer requirement for coated peanuts, corn chips and pellets are very different. To share the same burner specification for these products will result in oil getting rancid for certain product, as the thermal transfer requirement are different.


3.The shapes of coated peanuts, corn chips and pellets are different. The paddles design will be different.
4.Coated peanuts fryer requirement for fines removal is much higher than pellet fryer.  




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