How Is The Most Popular Coated Peanut Made?



How Is The Most Popular Coated Peanut Made?


Koh-Kae is the first nut snack brand in Thailand which was found in 1964. The first products were fried peanut crackers and shrimp rice crackers. In 1976, they produced the Coconut cream flavour coated peanuts. They keep on doing research and developing new flavours and products to fulfil the customers’ satisfaction. Since then, Koh-Kae became everyone favourite peanut snacks because of the tastiness and crunchiness. Koh-Kae peanut snacks are not just tasty and crunchy but they are also a healthy choice for consumers.(source:asiaexpressfood)


At present, the world and most of the domestic nut manufacturers are using l semi-automatic coating machine.  

The characteristics of manual or semi-automatic coating machine are as follows:  

1. First of all, in terms of manpower and material resources, the factory has a large input, workers need continuous operation, and the stability of products is uncertain.  

2. Material is also relatively large investment, due to the uneven coating process, it is easy to appear multiple births, or the phenomenon of powder pellets, cleaning and screening also add a process, making production more difficult and labor costs increase.  

3. Moreover, in terms of safety, manual operation is basically a number of mechanical repetitive movements, workers need to constantly move, lift, put, scatter, move and so on.  

4. In the traditional way of coating powder, dust fills the space. Even if you wear a mask and hat, you are covered with dust all over.  If you work for a long time, you may suffer from physical diseases.  

5. From the perspective of nutrition, the coating products coated in the traditional way are uneven in powder, thickness and tightness.  The taste is not good.  Fried products in particular need a longer time to fry, nutrients in the frying process loss or deterioration.


Handyware Engineering has a whole series of auto coating machine for this coated peanuts.It is suitable for coating of peanuts, sunflower seeds, green peas and other nuts. Manufacturers switching from traditional manual coating to use of Automatic Coating Machine would see product quality improvement and long term cost savings. 


The coated peanuts of Koh-kae are very suitable for our machine.

Single drum



Double drums

自动裹粉机单缸1920 海报(1).jpg


Four drums



Structure of the coating machine 


The design of drum is according to capacity as per needs.




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