How Ecommerce Is Energizing China Nuts Snacks Industry ?

In 2012, Mr Zhang Xian Yuan, founder of the now one of the biggest China Ecommerce food snacks brand Three Squirrels, mentioned that a new e-commerce era is coming. There is a five-year opportunity for e-commerce (food snacks) in China. Within five years, you can become an Internet e-commerce brand. After five years, it will definitely be the beginning of its demise. .


In the past 8 years, the nuts snacks industry in China has seem an exponential growth, due the enormous success of Ecommerce platform such as Taobao, JinDong etc. Ecommerce brands such as Three Squirrels, Liang Ping Pu Zhi, Bai Chao Wei pushes product to the 1.3 billion population domestic market. Leveraging on the various shopping culture festive dates such as the famous “double 11”, ecommerce brands sales growth reaches unprecedented level. Taking Three Squirrels for example, in a short pan of less than 10 years, it has grown into a 10 billion yuan company


In the midst of the very difficult past 18 months due to Covid 19, one bright light appears to be online shopping of food snacks. This further drives ecommerce sales.  


Driven by the ecommerce success, nuts product has been one of the fastest growing snacks in China. As the Chinese population becomes more affluent, customers are looking for more health-conscious choices when selecting snacks. Nuts being rich in protein and minerals are becoming very popular snack option.


Coated nuts in particular, has been very hot among consumers. Coated nuts in the market included multi-flavor coated peanuts, salted egg seeds, coated cashews, beef seasoning coated broad beans, half coated green peas, fish skinned peanuts (Japanese peanuts) etc



The coated nuts manufacturers have then seen a rather happy problem. Despite the need to cater to the multi-billion yuan market demand, majority of the manufacturers till 2019, are still using labour intensive method to coat nuts. The “big drum” labour intensive machine has been the mainstream coating machine used since coated nuts first appeared in China in the 1990’s. The machine will require a labour to stand in front of a big rotating drum, manual add nuts, flour and syrup into the drum to perform coating. Besides labour intensive, the process is unstable (inconsistent coat among labours), unclean (flour all over the factory), unhealthy to the labour (inhale dust particles in the air) and extremely exhausting for the labour.  


Handyware Engineering has developed an Auto Coating Machine that addresses the above-mentioned issues. It has high output, labour-saving, clean, and improve product stability. It is versatile and can coat peanuts, seeds, broad beans, peas and cashew nuts.


Handyware Engineering is a market leading expert in nuts coating automation. It has delivered solutions to more that 30 OEM manufacturers of the ecommerce giants such as Three Squirrels, Liang Ping Pu Zhi, Bai Chao Wei, and has customers from India (Haldiram’s), Indonesia (PT Dua Kelinci), UK (AIB Foods) and many more.


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