Benefits of Using Handyware Automatic Coating Machine



Benefits of Using Handyware Automatic Coating Machine

Since at early 1980’s, Japanese snacks manufacturers had created the Japanese peanuts snacks. In the 1990’s, such snack slowly gained popularity. The coating machine used was very simple but requires intensive labour involvement.


It involves having a labour manually pouring peanuts, flours and syrup into a rotating drum throughout every batch of coating.


As such snacks slowly gained popularity throughout Asia (China in particular has the biggest market), manufacturers adopted similar way in coating their product, It is simple and low in machine investment, but extremely labour intensive. The welfare of the labour (long term inhalation of dust particles) is also a concern.


This leads to a need for a lower labour intensive, and cleaner solution. The Handyware Automatic Coating Machine (or system) is designed to resolve the labour issue. Besides, it is a much cleaner solution, ensuring a much cleaner factory environment,



Handyware provides a full automatic solution of material handling, mixing, coating and even frying or roasting


Mixing is a very important stage of the entire process. The Handyware mixer homogeneously mix the raw material of flour, starch, sugar (and others). If the mixing is not well done, flow of material will not be uniform, resulting in bad coating


The coating process requires uniform application of syrup and flour mixture onto the peanuts. Handyware auto coating machine has special designed (patented) flour and syrup application solutions. Unlike manual (traditional) coating, the requirement for flow of material in machine coating is much higher  


Note: Handyware achieved the following patents for the above Auto Coating Machine solution:

  • ZL 2019 2 1065333.7
  • ZL 2019 2 1065332.2
  • ZL 2019 2 1064472.8
  • ZL 2019 2 1064471.3       





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