Automatic Peanut Coating Machine



Automatic Peanut Coating Machine

Automatic coating machine is responsible for peanut-like product coating, such as broad bean, green pea, sunflower seed, even small fish. It contains a electric cabinet, which can monitor entire coating process. User just need to pour in peanut-like products and flour, then every other thing is left to automatic control system. Due to its unique characteristics like easy maintenance, diversification and low cost, it seems very popular in the market, also because its unique characteristics, this machine is frequently used as a core part of a processing line, for example, peanut coating line, green pea coating line, broad bean frying line. Whenever you wanna add a coating line, this machine should be a major choice in your hand.

Machine details

a) Nuts Input Subsystem:

 (Note: The word "nuts" is used as in the description. However besides nuts or peanuts, it is also able to handle sunflower seeds, broad beans and green peas). The nuts input subsystem consists of an upper tank and lower tank. Upper tank may store up to 150KG of nuts, ready to be dispensed to lower tank. The lower tank stores the exact amount of nuts for each batch of coating. The amount of nuts  for each batch (e.g 4-5KG per batch) can be defined and store in the PLC system. The lower tank sits on a weighing system. When the weight of content in the lower tank reaches the  defined weight (for each batch) set in the PLC, the door at the upper tank will shut, stopping dispensing of nuts to lower tank. The door at the upper tank is controlled by the PLC.

The nuts input subsystem may be operated under 2 modes:






This is the default mode. Under this mode, the upper tank stops dispensing after the weight of the lower tank reaches a defined setting (this is defined under Appendix I: Parameter Page).



This mode is selected if the physical weigher is faulty. In this mode, upper tank will stop dispensing after a defined timing. Note the modes will need to be manually selected at the Parameter Page.

b) Flour Input Subsystem

The flour input subsystem consists of a flour tank, flour press and flour applicator. The flour tank may store up to 60KG of flour. The flour press consists of a motor and screw blades to push the flour into the flour applicator. Flour is fed to the coating pan via the flour applicator. The flour applicator consists of a conveying screw, motor and servo. The speed of the screw is controlled by the motor and servo. The servo is controlled by the PLC. The frequency of flour feeding to flour applicator and the speed of the screw in flour applicator can all be defined at the Parameter Page


c) Syrup Dispenser Subsystem


The syrup dispenser subsystem consists of a syrup container, pump and dispensing pipe. The syrup container can store up to 30KG of liquid. Syrup is pumped to the coating pan via a pump, through the dispensing pipe. The dispensed syrup is targeted onto a rotating disc at the base of the coating pan. When coating starts, the syrup hits on the rotating disc and sprinkles to the nuts that are spinning at the wall of the pan. The flow of dispensed liquid can be defined at the Parameter Page.   

d) Sprinkler


The sprinkler consists of a rotating disc at the base of the coating pan and a motor/servo controlled by the PIC. The disc is rotated by a motor that is controlled by the PIC. During coating when syrup is dispensed onto the disc, the syrup will sprinkle to the spinning nuts. The rotating speed of disc can be defined at the Parameter Page.

e) Coating Pan Subsystem


The coating pan subsystem consists of a high speed rotating base plate and stationary pan structure. The coating process requires the base plate to rotate at high speed, causing the nuts to spin at the wall of the stationary pan. When flour and syrup are dispensed, the rotating nuts will be coated. The wall of stationary pan is designed with angular edges to improve the coating. The speed of the rotating base plate can be defined at Parameter Page.

 f) PLC

The operation of the machine is controlled by a PLC. The machine can by operated by either automatic or manual mode.






This is a recommended mode of operation. Parameters need to be pre-set in Parameter Page. Operator may then run the machine by activating "Run"/"Stop" buttons at Automatic Operation Page . 



This mode is typically used during testing and calibration





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