Automatic Coating of High Viscosity Coat Product



Automatic Coating of High Viscosity Coat Product

In our previous articles, we have discussed automatic coating of nuts product using Handyware Automatic Coating Machine (ACM) series. The ACM series is suitable for coating with low moisture powder and relatively low viscosity syrup. There are products in the market that require coating with relatively high viscosity syrup. (See pictures below for reference). The reference pictures show cashew nuts coated with a layer of high viscosity syrup and then applied with a layer of seasoning. Using our ACM series will have problem producing such coat, as the syrup viscosity is too high.      



Handyware JP series coating machine is designed to automatically coat such high viscosity product. It adopts a Fill-soak-spin-dispatch-seasoning-refill working process cycle. The working process is explained below:


Working Process Cycle

1. Fill. The nuts fed into the Nuts Main Hopper. When the Nuts Secondary Hopper is empty, the door at the Nuts Main Hopper will open, feeding the nuts into the Secondary Hopper. When the load cell at the Secondary Hopper detects that a specified amount of nuts are fed into the Secondary Hopper, the door of the Main Hopper will close. The Product Cage will move into position, in alignment with the Secondary Hopper. The Product Cage lid will open, then the Secondary Hopper door will open and feed nuts into the Product Cage. When all nuts from the Secondary Hopper are fed into the Product Cage, the Product Cage will move into the Syrup Drum.

2. Soak. The Syrup Drum has been filled with syrup. The Drum has heating elements to maintain required temperature. The Product Cage will lower into the Drum for product soaking.

3. Spin. The Product Cage is lifted from the Syrup Drum spinning is performed to remove excess syrup from the Cage.  

4. Dispatch. The Product Cage moves to the same position, in alignment with the Secondary Hopper. The Product Cage base door opens, and soaked product is dispatched into the Seasoning Coating Drum.  

5. Seasoning. The base plate of the Seasoning Coating Drum starts to spin. Seasoning Screw moves into position, discharging seasoning into the product inside the Coating Drum

6. Refill. Step 1 is repeated



The coated product is then sent for drying and packing


The Handyware JP series is suitable for coating viscosity syrup coat on nuts such as cashew, almonds etc. It is highly automated, reducing labor and improve factory cleanliness. 




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