Pellet Fryer


Product Information
The Handyware Engineering Pellet Frying System is suitable for frying snacks pellets, typically potato, wheat or corn based. It may fry a wide range of shapes, including 3-dimenion ones.

Fryer Body
Machine is designed to achieve the capacity requirements with the following parameters.

1. Fry time: 15 seconds 2. Moisture input10 3. Expansion ratio5:1

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Auxiliary parts: oil filter, oil pump, heat exchanger
Model        Capacity (kg/h)
PF300        300
PF500        500
PF1000      1000
Pellet Frying System
Introduction          Frying pellets
Model                   PF300
Capacity               300kgs/hr
Dimensions(L*W*H)       m X m X m
Power                   KW
Weight                  T
Electricity requirement            380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 3phase
Material                                 SS304
Compressed air supply 0.6-0.8Mpa
Diesel fuel                kg/h
Natural gas              cubic meter per hour
Frying oil capacity (in heat exchanger & pipes)           kg
Frying oil refuel rate                          kg/h
Energy in heat exchanger                  cal/hour
Place of origin                                 Foshan
Port                                             Canton
Operating mode                            Automatic

The pellet frying system will include the following:
1) Frying pan (with submerge and discharge belts)
2) Heat exchanger
3) Burner (diesel or NG)
4) Oil circulation system
5) Online oil filter
6) Control panel
7) Integrated CIP 

These are optional items:
1) Special in-feed for specific product
2) Touch screen control
3) Paper oil filter
4) Oil storage tank

Pellet Fryer