Rotary Tunnel Roaster


Rotary Tunnel Roaster
Rotary Tunnel Roaster is suitable for roasting the coated peanuts,coated sunflower seed,salted peanutsother coated & non-coated nuts.

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Automatic Coating Machine with Rotary Tunnel Roaster
Min. Order: 1 Set
Capacity: 1000-1200kg/hour
Size: 24000 x 6000 x 2300
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Port: Guangzhou, China
Payment Terms: T/T、LC
Rotary Tunnel Roaster RTR1400
*Capacity 80-100kg/h
*Each RTR1400 has the following:
 -Baltur (Italy) LPG burner
 -2 sets of air pump
 -CIP for asy cleaning of food chamber
 -Food chamber includes special designed rotary tunnel drum
 -Body, cover, tunnel drum are stainless steel 304
*Roasting time around 25mins
*Temperature 140-160deg C
*Drum length about 1300mm
*Each unit height about 2.8m
*40,000kcal/h burner for each unit
Rotary Tunnel Roaster
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