Potatoes Slicer or Potatoes Cutter


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Potatoes Slicer/Potatoes Cutter
Automatic Food Cutting Machine Slicer for Cutting Potato

a) Production information
No. Equipment Power
1 Feeder conveyor 0.75KW
2 Peeler 4KW
3 Inspection belt 0.75KW
4 Slicer elevator 0.75KW
5 Slicer 1.5KW
6 Starch washer 2.6KW
7 Hot water blancher 2.6KW
8 Air dryer conveyor 1.1kW
9 Fryer 3.75KW
10 Heat exchanger 15KW
11 Oil filter 0.4KW
12 De-oil conveyor 0.75KW
13 Seasoning tumbler 0.4KW
14 Cooling conveyor 1.85KW
15 Oil tank

b)  Cutter/Slicer
It's capacity is 1500kgs raw potatoes per hour. Power is 1.5KW.
Whole structure support with cover plus slicer body & cover using stainless steel 304. 
8 cutting blades screwed to holders.
Blades detachable for replacement. 
Screw adjustment to calibrate thickness of cut.
Potatoes Slicer or Potatoes Cutter