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Auto Coating Machine

The Auto Coating Machine can process a variety of different materials, such as peanuts,sunflower seeds,green peas,other nuts and extruder snack.It is suitable for continuous processing and production of materials.

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Continuous Frying System

Established in the Philippines in 1968, Handyware (China) Engineering is the food snack machine engineering, its continuous frying system is a versatile continuous frying system suitable for frying a wide range of products such as peanuts, green peas, mung dal and products with high amount of fines.

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Fortune cookie Machine

1. Introduction

Sweet cookie, commonly known as the 'Fortune Cookie' in the western world.

A sweet cookie snack oven baked to golden brown with a slip of fortune paper inside.

When it is broken into half, one retrieves the paper to read his or her fortune.

Fortune cookies were successfully launched in Western countries and later adapted by the South-Eastern countries.

It has become a very popular gift for festivals and is extremely entertaining.

This form of novelty is warmly received as it provides words of wisdom.

Fortune cookies are often seen being served after meals in many Chinese restaurants globally.

2. Specification:

Output: 13-15 pieces/min.

International standard , product output at 95% or above.

Automatic paste discharge and adjustable speed.

Automatic vacuum suction of paper inserts.

Use natural gas as fuel.

Power: 1.5KW with variable speed motor.

Cake mold: 48 pcs.

Cake weight: 7-8 gr.

PLC controller

The system is controlled by Delta (Taiwan brand) PLC, with touch screen.The user interface is intuitive and easy to operate

•  Heat treated cake moulds and table 

Cake moulds and heating table are heat treated to prevent deformation due to long hours heating

•  Safety features 

When gas leak or overly high temperature is detected, alarm will be raised, follow by system shutdown.

•  Stainless steel 304 material

The machine structure, cover are fabricated with food grade stainless steel 304 material

•  High performance mono pump

High performance mono pump is used to ensure high durability and production stability

•  Heat treated cake moulds and table 

Cake moulds and heating table are heat treated to prevent deformation due to long hours heating.

3. Process:

I. Prepare raw mixture and fill into liquid tank. The mono pump will transfer the mixture to each heated cake mould, via a discharge gun. The heat chamber has a round rotating table where each cake mould is fitted at the edge of the rotating table. After one round of rotation, the baked piece on each heated cake mould is ready for retrieval. A retrieval arm will hook the baked piece from the cake mould

II. Each baked piece is removed from the heated cake mould with the help of the retrieval arm. The baked piece is positioned onto an opening. The paper insertion arm then retrieve a piece of paper from a paper stack and insert into the baked piece. This action forces the baked piece throw the opening, resulting into the end product fortune cookie shape. The formed cookies are then queued for packaging.

4. Our strength

* All our equipment is designed in a way that is easy to operate and maintain with high output to achieve your satisfaction with reliable service support.

* We will continue to update and upgrade our technology with a strict management to fulfill our target.

* We have a team of qualified technicians to provide after sales service to our prospective customer base.

* Our equipment not only serves the local market, but it is also exported to Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt and so on.

* Our company motto is to satisfy clients with high quality machine and service.

1. The Auto Coating Machine can process a variety of different materials, such as peanuts,sunflower seeds,green peas,other nuts and extruder snack.It is suitable for continuous processing and production of materials.


2. Automatic coating machine is composed of peanut hopper,flour tank,flour applicator,coating pan,syrup pump and support stand are of stainless steel 304.Control system is PLC & touch screen.


3. Under the control of PLC, the system adds the powder, peanut and syrup into the coating pan regularly and quantitatively.The peanut and flour are driven by the high-speed coating pan, and the syrup is evenly sprinkled into coating pan. Because the syrup has viscosity, it mixes with peanut and mixed flour, making the peanut surface a layer of powder.At the same time, the mixture will naturally deposit on the surface of the coating pan, which is cleaned by the scraper at the setting time to avoid the accumulation.


4. Advantage of Auto Coating Machine

I. Labour Coat Saving

*Automatic,require initial set-up only

*Save 1-2peason effort to achieve equivalent load using conventional batch coating process.

*Centralized touch screen control to manage end product formulation.

*Saved formulation easily reusable.

II. Excellent End Product

*Consistent end product shape,size and quality,as process is automated.

III.Flexible End Product

*Suitable for coating on all kinds of peas and seeds.Can be half or full coated.

*May add flavouring during coating,or apply seasoning after coating.

Ⅳ. Easy Cleaning

*Coating pan can be easily lifted to clean.

*Peristaltic pump syrup tube easy to remove and clean,Pump does not contact syrup.


5. Automatic coating machine can be matched with a variety of machines, forming different production lines.The front part can be matched with blending machine, screw conveyor, Z elevator.

The latter part can be connected to the fryer or roaster, and the seasoning system to form a complete production line.


I. The process of Fried Coated Peanuts with Continuous Fryer:

① Re-filling of mixture flour to the screw conveyor.

② Re-filling of syrup to the syrup tank.

③ Re-filling of peanuts to the Z elevator. 

④ Mixture flour,syrup and peanuts are transported to the Auto Coating Machine.

⑤ The Auto Coating Machine coats the peanuts with syrup and flour mixture.

⑥ Fines are removed using the sifting drum.

⑦ A vibrating feed will feed coated peanuts from the hopper into the frying pan.

The continuous frying system will fry the coated peanuts.The system includes a frying pan,heat exchanger, burner,online oil filter and oil storage tank.

⑨ After coated peanuts exist from the frying pan,excess surface oil will be blow off as they are on the de-oil conveyor.

⑩ The Fired Coated Peanuts are sent for seasoning.


II. The process of Fried Coated Peanuts with Batch Fryer.


① Re-filling of flour to the screw conveyor.

② Transport flour to the Flour Blender for flour mixing

③ Re-filling of syrup to the syrup tank.

④ Re-filling of peanuts to the Z elevator. 

⑤ Mixture flour,syrup and peanuts are transported to the Auto Coating Machine.

⑥ The Auto Coating Machine coats the peanuts with syrup and flour mixture.

⑦ Fines are removed using the sifting system.

⑧ Weighing system on hopper to ensure batch load for batch frying.

⑨ Batch fryer System includes infeed conveyor, weighing hopper, infeed bucket, fryer, de-oil system.

⑩ The Fired Coated Peanuts are sent for seasoning.


III. The process of Roasted Coated Peanuts with Rotary Tunnel Roaster



① Re-filling of flour to the screw conveyor.

② Transport flour to the Flour Blender for flour mixing

③ Re-filling of syrup to the syrup tank.

④ Re-filling of peanuts to the Z elevator. 

⑤ Mixture flour,syrup and peanuts are transported to the Auto Coating Machine.

⑥ The Auto Coating Machine coats the peanuts with syrup and flour mixture.

⑦ Fines are removed using the sifting drum.

⑧ Coated peanuts are roasted in Rotary Tunnel Roaster.

⑨ The Roasted Coated Peanuts are sent for seasoning.

Automatic coating machine is responsible for peanut-like product coating, such as broad bean, green pea, sunflower seed, even small fish. It contains a electric cabinet, which can monitor entire coating process. User just need to pour in peanut-like products and flour, then every other thing is left to automatic control system. Due to its unique characteristics like easy maintenance, diversification and low cost, it seems very popular in the market, also because its unique characteristics, this machine is frequently used as a core part of a processing line, for example, peanut coating line, green pea coating line, broad bean frying line. Whenever you wanna add a coating line, this machine should be a major choice in your hand.

Machine details

a) Nuts Input Subsystem:

 (Note: The word "nuts" is used as in the description. However besides nuts or peanuts, it is also able to handle sunflower seeds, broad beans and green peas). The nuts input subsystem consists of an upper tank and lower tank. Upper tank may store up to 150KG of nuts, ready to be dispensed to lower tank. The lower tank stores the exact amount of nuts for each batch of coating. The amount of nuts  for each batch (e.g 4-5KG per batch) can be defined and store in the PLC system. The lower tank sits on a weighing system. When the weight of content in the lower tank reaches the  defined weight (for each batch) set in the PLC, the door at the upper tank will shut, stopping dispensing of nuts to lower tank. The door at the upper tank is controlled by the PLC.

The nuts input subsystem may be operated under 2 modes:






This is the default mode. Under this mode, the upper tank stops dispensing after the weight of the lower tank reaches a defined setting (this is defined under Appendix I: Parameter Page).



This mode is selected if the physical weigher is faulty. In this mode, upper tank will stop dispensing after a defined timing. Note the modes will need to be manually selected at the Parameter Page.

b) Flour Input Subsystem

The flour input subsystem consists of a flour tank, flour press and flour applicator. The flour tank may store up to 60KG of flour. The flour press consists of a motor and screw blades to push the flour into the flour applicator. Flour is fed to the coating pan via the flour applicator. The flour applicator consists of a conveying screw, motor and servo. The speed of the screw is controlled by the motor and servo. The servo is controlled by the PLC. The frequency of flour feeding to flour applicator and the speed of the screw in flour applicator can all be defined at the Parameter Page


c) Syrup Dispenser Subsystem


The syrup dispenser subsystem consists of a syrup container, pump and dispensing pipe. The syrup container can store up to 30KG of liquid. Syrup is pumped to the coating pan via a pump, through the dispensing pipe. The dispensed syrup is targeted onto a rotating disc at the base of the coating pan. When coating starts, the syrup hits on the rotating disc and sprinkles to the nuts that are spinning at the wall of the pan. The flow of dispensed liquid can be defined at the Parameter Page.   

d) Sprinkler


The sprinkler consists of a rotating disc at the base of the coating pan and a motor/servo controlled by the PIC. The disc is rotated by a motor that is controlled by the PIC. During coating when syrup is dispensed onto the disc, the syrup will sprinkle to the spinning nuts. The rotating speed of disc can be defined at the Parameter Page.

e) Coating Pan Subsystem


The coating pan subsystem consists of a high speed rotating base plate and stationary pan structure. The coating process requires the base plate to rotate at high speed, causing the nuts to spin at the wall of the stationary pan. When flour and syrup are dispensed, the rotating nuts will be coated. The wall of stationary pan is designed with angular edges to improve the coating. The speed of the rotating base plate can be defined at Parameter Page.

 f) PLC

The operation of the machine is controlled by a PLC. The machine can by operated by either automatic or manual mode.






This is a recommended mode of operation. Parameters need to be pre-set in Parameter Page. Operator may then run the machine by activating "Run"/"Stop" buttons at Automatic Operation Page . 



This mode is typically used during testing and calibration


How is the most popular coated peanut made?


Koh-Kae is the first nut snack brand in Thailand which was found in 1964. The first products were fried peanut crackers and shrimp rice crackers. In 1976, they produced the Coconut cream flavour coated peanuts. They keep on doing research and developing new flavours and products to fulfil the customers’ satisfaction. Since then, Koh-Kae became everyone favourite peanut snacks because of the tastiness and crunchiness. Koh-Kae peanut snacks are not just tasty and crunchy but they are also a healthy choice for consumers.(source:asiaexpressfood)


At present, the world and most of the domestic nut manufacturers are using l semi-automatic coating machine.  

The characteristics of manual or semi-automatic coating machine are as follows:  

1. First of all, in terms of manpower and material resources, the factory has a large input, workers need continuous operation, and the stability of products is uncertain.  

2. Material is also relatively large investment, due to the uneven coating process, it is easy to appear multiple births, or the phenomenon of powder pellets, cleaning and screening also add a process, making production more difficult and labor costs increase.  

3. Moreover, in terms of safety, manual operation is basically a number of mechanical repetitive movements, workers need to constantly move, lift, put, scatter, move and so on.  

4. In the traditional way of coating powder, dust fills the space. Even if you wear a mask and hat, you are covered with dust all over.  If you work for a long time, you may suffer from physical diseases.  

5. From the perspective of nutrition, the coating products coated in the traditional way are uneven in powder, thickness and tightness.  The taste is not good.  Fried products in particular need a longer time to fry, nutrients in the frying process loss or deterioration.


Handyware Engineering has a whole series of auto coating machine for this coated peanuts.It is suitable for coating of peanuts, sunflower seeds, green peas and other nuts. Manufacturers switching from traditional manual coating to use of Automatic Coating Machine would see product quality improvement and long term cost savings. 


The coated peanuts of Koh-kae are very suitable for our machine.

Single drum



Double drums

自动裹粉机单缸1920 海报(1).jpg


Four drums



Structure of the coating machine 


The design of drum is according to capacity as per needs.

Oil-immersed fryer And Multipurpose fryer

The Handyware Engineering Continuous frying systems include oil-immersed fryer(Pellet Fryer)and Multipurpose fryer.


Oil-immersed fryer(Pellet fryer) is suitable for frying puffed chips or pellets, typically with raw material such as potato, wheat or corn based powder. It may fry a wide range of shapes, including 3-dimenion ones.

Multipurpose fryer is a versatile continuous frying system suitable for frying a wide range of products such as peanuts, green peas, coated peanuts and other products with high amount of fines. It is designed to maximize fines removal from frying oil, resulting in high quality final product.


The inner design of oil immersed fryer


The processing line of oil-immersed frying system



The fried shapes of oil-immersed fryer


The inner design of Multipurpose fryer


The fried products of Multipurpose Fryer



The reasons of coated peanuts, corn chips and pellet chips cannot share fryer

1.Coated peanuts require a much longer frying time compared to pellets. Coated peanuts frying time is 5-6 mins while pellets are typically 10-12 sec. Hence coated peanuts fryer is typically much longer than pellets fryer.

2. The thermal transfer requirement for coated peanuts, corn chips and pellets are very different. To share the same burner specification for these products will result in oil getting rancid for certain product, as the thermal transfer requirement are different.


3.The shapes of coated peanuts, corn chips and pellets are different. The paddles design will be different.
4.Coated peanuts fryer requirement for fines removal is much higher than pellet fryer.  

How Ecommerce Is Energizing China Nuts Snacks Industry

In 2012, Mr Zhang Xian Yuan, founder of the now one of the biggest China Ecommerce food snacks brand Three Squirrels, mentioned that a new e-commerce era is coming. There is a five-year opportunity for e-commerce (food snacks) in China. Within five years, you can become an Internet e-commerce brand. After five years, it will definitely be the beginning of its demise. .


In the past 8 years, the nuts snacks industry in China has seem an exponential growth, due the enormous success of Ecommerce platform such as Taobao, JinDong etc. Ecommerce brands such as Three Squirrels, Liang Ping Pu Zhi, Bai Chao Wei pushes product to the 1.3 billion population domestic market. Leveraging on the various shopping culture festive dates such as the famous “double 11”, ecommerce brands sales growth reaches unprecedented level. Taking Three Squirrels for example, in a short pan of less than 10 years, it has grown into a 10 billion yuan company


In the midst of the very difficult past 18 months due to Covid 19, one bright light appears to be online shopping of food snacks. This further drives ecommerce sales.  


Driven by the ecommerce success, nuts product has been one of the fastest growing snacks in China. As the Chinese population becomes more affluent, customers are looking for more health-conscious choices when selecting snacks. Nuts being rich in protein and minerals are becoming very popular snack option.


Coated nuts in particular, has been very hot among consumers. Coated nuts in the market included multi-flavor coated peanuts, salted egg seeds, coated cashews, beef seasoning coated broad beans, half coated green peas, fish skinned peanuts (Japanese peanuts) etc



The coated nuts manufacturers have then seen a rather happy problem. Despite the need to cater to the multi-billion yuan market demand, majority of the manufacturers till 2019, are still using labour intensive method to coat nuts. The “big drum” labour intensive machine has been the mainstream coating machine used since coated nuts first appeared in China in the 1990’s. The machine will require a labour to stand in front of a big rotating drum, manual add nuts, flour and syrup into the drum to perform coating. Besides labour intensive, the process is unstable (inconsistent coat among labours), unclean (flour all over the factory), unhealthy to the labour (inhale dust particles in the air) and extremely exhausting for the labour.  


Handyware Engineering has developed an Auto Coating Machine that addresses the above-mentioned issues. It has high output, labour-saving, clean, and improve product stability. It is versatile and can coat peanuts, seeds, broad beans, peas and cashew nuts.


Handyware Engineering is a market leading expert in nuts coating automation. It has delivered solutions to more that 30 OEM manufacturers of the ecommerce giants such as Three Squirrels, Liang Ping Pu Zhi, Bai Chao Wei, and has customers from India (Haldiram’s), Indonesia (PT Dua Kelinci), UK (AIB Foods) and many more.


For more information about Handyware Engineering machine,please contact : Tracy(Whats app/WeChat) +8613630140127

Benefits of Using Handyware Automatic Coating Machine

Since at early 1980’s, Japanese snacks manufacturers had created the Japanese peanuts snacks. In the 1990’s, such snack slowly gained popularity. The coating machine used was very simple but requires intensive labour involvement.


It involves having a labour manually pouring peanuts, flours and syrup into a rotating drum throughout every batch of coating.


As such snacks slowly gained popularity throughout Asia (China in particular has the biggest market), manufacturers adopted similar way in coating their product, It is simple and low in machine investment, but extremely labour intensive. The welfare of the labour (long term inhalation of dust particles) is also a concern.


This leads to a need for a lower labour intensive, and cleaner solution. The Handyware Automatic Coating Machine (or system) is designed to resolve the labour issue. Besides, it is a much cleaner solution, ensuring a much cleaner factory environment,



Handyware provides a full automatic solution of material handling, mixing, coating and even frying or roasting


Mixing is a very important stage of the entire process. The Handyware mixer homogeneously mix the raw material of flour, starch, sugar (and others). If the mixing is not well done, flow of material will not be uniform, resulting in bad coating


The coating process requires uniform application of syrup and flour mixture onto the peanuts. Handyware auto coating machine has special designed (patented) flour and syrup application solutions. Unlike manual (traditional) coating, the requirement for flow of material in machine coating is much higher  


Note: Handyware achieved the following patents for the above Auto Coating Machine solution:

  • ZL 2019 2 1065333.7
  • ZL 2019 2 1065332.2
  • ZL 2019 2 1064472.8
  • ZL 2019 2 1064471.3       






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