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Automatic Coating Machine

Automatic coating machine is responsible for peanut-like product coating, such as broad bean, green pea, sunflower seed, even small fish. It contains a electric cabinet, which can monitor entire coating process. 

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Automatic Coating Machine

Handyware Engineering is a market leading expert in nuts coating automation. It has delivered solutions to more that 30 OEM manufacturers of the ecommerce giants such as Three Squirrels, Liang Ping Pu Zhi, Bai Chao Wei, and has customers from India (Haldiram’s), Indonesia (PT Dua Kelinci), UK (AIB Foods) and many more.

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Automatic Coating Machine ACM1200

The Auto Coating Machine can process a variety of different materials,such as peanuts sunflower seeds ,green peas,other nuts and extruder snack.It is suitable for continuous processing and production of materials

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Automatic Coating Machine

Handyware provides a full automatic solution of material handling, mixing, coating and even frying or roasting.Mixing is a very important stage of the entire process. The Handyware mixer homogeneously mix the raw material of flour, starch, sugar (and others). If the mixing is not well done, flow of material will not be uniform, resulting in bad coating.

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Auto Syrup Coating Machine

Oil-immersed fryer(Pellet fryer) is suitable for frying puffed chips or pellets, typically with raw material such as potato, wheat or corn based powder. It may fry a wide range of shapes, including 3-dimenion ones.

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Automatic Coating Machine

Handyware Engineering has a whole series of auto coating machine for this coated peanuts.It is suitable for coating of peanuts, sunflower seeds, green peas and other nuts. Manufacturers switching from traditional manual coating to use of Automatic Coating Machine would see product quality improvement and long term cost savings.

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Frying Machine

Established in the Pihilppines in 1968, Handyware (China) Engineering is the food snack machine engineering, its continuous frying system is a versatile continuous frying system suitable for frying a wide range of products such as peanuts, green peas, mung dal and produts with high amount of fines.

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