Handyware (China) Engineering is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading enterprise in sub-industry, a brand enterprise. We was established in the Philippines in 1968. Over the last 47 years Handyware Group has grown into a multi-national company with presences in many countries. Handyware (China) was established in 1993.We synergize with our sister companies of seasoning and flavouring to provide the best snack food engineering solutions to our customers.Now we are looking for more long term distributor partners to provide better services for food packaging machine projects all over the world. We sincerely invite you to join our dealer system and jointly develop a market full of opportunities and challenges, as well as win-win cooperation!



China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan


North America



South America




Russia, UK, Turkey



Algeria, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria


Middle East

Iraq, Iran, Syria, UAE, Jordan, Palestine

Dealership Support

Become an authorized Handyware distributor and you will enjoy excellent support such as high quality and reliable products, reasonable profit margins, comprehensive marketing support, on-time delivery, and professional after-sales service. Handyware is ready to work with you for a win-win situation to establish business partnerships with our distributors.

 Handyware Authorization

Dealership Authorization

Handyware will publish an official dealership authorization letter to whom accept our conditions and are willing to allocate Handyware packaging machines in a reasonable targeted environment in a particular region, with strong sales & service capabilities.

 Handyware Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Handyware will regularly conduct international market promotion activities to promote business development. At the same time, Handyware will provide market advice, product sales tools and promotional materials as support.

 Handyware Sales Support

Sales Support

As a Handyware authorized dealer, you can get a top-notch support from Handyware that any needs in your specifed region agreed by both parties, will directly be released for your local follow-up in time. Meanwhile, Handyware will commit you a competitive margin level for your cost covering and benift request.

Handyware Sales Support

Service Support

Handyware will provide all the professional technical support required for the pre-sales and after-sales personalized service process. Handyware will also regularly provide you with good support for parts related to the sales performance of Handyware products.


REQUIREMENT FOR BECOMING A handyware dealership

As one of the most important strategies in the international market of Handyware, we have focused on developing more and more professional reseller partners to provide our loyal customers all over the world with better solutions and services. If you are interested and meet most of the following conditions, we sincerely invite you to join the Handyware reseller family:

* Have the will and wisdom to establish a long term strategic business relationship with Handyware.

* An independent legal entity with distribution qualifications in the region.

* Good experience and knowledge base of the food packaging machinery and packaging machinery industry.

* Great business philosophy and great enthusiasm to provide customers with a better experience and benefits.

* Excellent team and ability to provide better solutions and services through on-site projects.

* A strong sales team or network can achieve reasonable business goals with our support.

Dealer Training

The dealer base is the most important part of Handyware's global business. Therefore, Handyware will provide valuable dealer training assistance, starting from the entry plan focusing on our latest products and real industry challenges, to help you enter your market confidently and competitively. Handyware's regular and ongoing dealer training program will be organized according to your needs and priorities in real time, and can be easily managed in various flexible ways, such as face-to-face meetings, remote counseling and webinars in line.


For the purpose of precise technical input from the needs of individual client’s projects, as well as a better understanding of Ruipuhua products, pricing and order handling by your team, Handyware offers professional sales training as follows:

  • Detailed product Training
  • Request Analysis Training
  • ROI Analysis Training
  • Quotation Proposal Training
  • Pricing and Sales Agreement Training
  • Order Management Training


To delivery better consistent quality service to the clients on time, which leads a further long-term strategic business partnership among the clients, Handyware dealers and Handyware. We provide our dealers the following necessary technical trainings by products:

  • Field Preparation Training
  • Installation & Testing training  
  • Machine Operation Training
  • Routine & Prevention Training
  • Maintenance & Troubleshoot Training




Handyware (China) Engineering Co., Ltd.

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