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Handyware was established in the Philippines in 1968. Over the last 47 years Handyware Group has grown into a multi-national company with presences in many countries. Handyware (China) was established in 1993.


Handyware (China) Engineering is the food snack machine engineering arm of Handyware (China). It was established in 2003 and has an office/factory of 4,600 square meters at Foshan City in GuangDong Province of China. We synergize with our sister companies of seasoning and flavouring to provide the best snack food engineering solutions to our customers.


Handyware (China) Engineering designs and develops food snacks processing lines. We aim to produce machines that are stable, high in quality, easy to operate and low operating cost and competitively priced. We relentlessly strive to improve on our machines base on customer needs:

  1. (1) Food safety
  2. (2) Stable and good quality
  3. (3) Easy to use
  4. (4) Low operating cost
  5. (5) Competitive pricing


We have customers from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, Palestine, Jordan, Sudan and many others.

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